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This album is for the grandmothers of the earth. It's for my grandmother Lilia Luica, my mother Siliva Lucia, and my great grandmother Lucia. It's for the waters that birth us and carry us away at death, and it's for all the possibility we can only imagine by reading a book or poem, watching a rose bloom, having a long conversation into the night with listening hums in the ears. Kite Hands Glowing is the musical project of Nadia Lucia Peralta, a poet, kindergarten-aged teacher and herbalist in Awaswas-speaking Ohlone Territories. Nadia was born in Ajachamen Territories on a foggy day in June. The California coastal fog is how I remember who I am and remake my lungs anew each time it graciously laps and soothes the soft undersides of leaves and cheeks. This album is also for all the people who remember the courage to protect the land and water, who remember children and grandparents, who make the food of their ancestors and who just work, day in and day out, in their gentle and courageous ordinary ways. Unimaginable, vastly important, detailed and methodical. Like ants or ladybugs; or the surprise of Spring. –Nadia Lucia, 2018


released March 16, 2018

This album would not have been possibly without the kind genius of Dalmau Cudney who recorded & mixed the first takes of this album and Pablo Lucien Gutierrez who mixed and mastered this album after him. Thank you. And thank you Wesley who encouraged me and played music with me. Thank you Malia for your bravery ansd stories. Thank you Sarah, always. And papá, thank you. You taught me to swim and paint gold stars on red tables. Gustavo Serigo Peralta made the graphic art in 1994 and formatted the artwork for this album in 2018. The photo of the rainbow over Cedar Street was taken in early 2018 over our little orange home. One of the happiest places I have ever known


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Kite Hands Glowing Santa Cruz, California

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Track Name: California

Hermosa tierra
Gracias, gracias
Territorios, libren libren!
Su propia luz,
Su propia luz.

Pasto pastos, con conciencias
Bailando, con el viento

Aguacita, libre libre!
Su propia luz,
Su propia luz.

Hermosa tierra
Gracias, gracias
Gracias, gracias
Territorios, libren libren!
Su propia luz,
Su propia luz.
Track Name: This One Too Shall Pass
This one too shall pass
This one too shall pass
Like any constellation in
Winter’s sky change fast

I know this can’t last
I know this can’t last
The ways that we have
Learned to live disregard
What must last.
The weight of what has been
Done too heavy for one man.

What could take or give away?
The very lives that we have made?
Oh I saw you I saw you leave your gift
By the water.
In a basket you made from things collected
In autumn.

All our lives enshrouded in mystery and lore
But I know that you see what we’re loosing
I know that you see what we’ve lost.

How could things get this way?
Have courage child, you say.

There are things unseen that must be tended in Autumn.
And the water looks back with eyes who have not forgotten.
Those who tend are fast to work when the sun comes up,
All those prayers sung by grand, grandmother’s tongues.
Cold clay people spring from earth
A loom that holds us all of hum humming stones.

We’re alright.
Track Name: My Joy
Joy is a sister
Down by the water
Give me your patience
I am your daughter.

And oh my love this is a cycle not a battle ground
Follow threads of inspiration till you know a route.

Give me a promise
Like a smooth stone
Tucked in your pocket
You’re never alone

And oh my trust in you is steady as the falling rain.
Like at the ocean’s side the snowy plover
Runs with waves.

Ohh Ohh oh oh..

Rich as a textile
Hands of a midwife
Never doubt the power of your life:
That you are any less a miracle than rising sun
That you were born to drink sweet water and just to
Track Name: For Sarah
For Sarah

The work we do is hard work
Some days it feels so ordinary
The potter at the wheel
Oh there she sits her hands are steady

To live beyond immediate needs
To sense all those fuzzy boundaries.

The casual desecration
Offensive to my sense of placement
How I wish you could feel it-
How really “it” is all breathing.

But with such fear you’ll push on
And forget the ground you walk upon.

There are-a things a-turning
It’s multiple and it is yearning
No leader none to follow
So diverse that it can’t be swallowed.

In a marsh stands a heron so still
And in that silence she waits to kill
And on and on and on and on…

There’s often repetition
Like how we count on morning to glisten
And in the cycles lessons
The gardener a patient witness

And if collective liberation
Is bound up with all of creation
Well then on and on and on

The water reaches wetlands
Those changing places of digestion
That kind of integration
Go to the sea for completion

The powerful are violent and short-sighted
It’s finally time for brilliant lighting.

The work we do is hard work
Some days it feels so ordinary.
Track Name: Cold River
Cold river, cold, cold river
I need to refresh, I need to undress with you.
And as I lay here all naked and bare, you’ll soothe.

‘Cause when I feel, when I feel this way I need a
place where I can lay my body.
I need the darkest womb, a cave, or new moon to line it.
‘Cause this pain that I bear is a gift I swear,
It’s rough but it shines like a diamond,
For the very thing that is twisted in me
Is the very thing that’s setting me free.

Cold river, cold, cold river
I need to refresh, I need to undress with you.
And as I lay here all naked and bare, you’ll soothe.

No I can’t do this alone,
I need you all to stand around me in circle.
I need you to hold my hair,
I need your songs there,
I need that loving that you give me so freely.

For this is my greatest fantasy of death—
To have my loved all encircled around me.
And as the sun sets west and I fade with the rest,
The stars begin to hum all about it.
Track Name: Sitting on my Boat
Sitting on My Boat

Sitting on my boat on a stormy night
Created by my thoughts of missing you.
Damn the darknest nights have the brightest stars
See them through my window, when the moon is new.

And at dawn, I watched those stars fade
They flickered and then dimmed away
As all things surely change.

Wishing you would call on the telephone
Even though I asked you not to.
Wishing circumstance were different

Learning patience like weaving on a loom.

But I wouldn’t trade all the growth I’ve done
For any piece of you.

Making friends with myself O every day
Being the most patient, gentle, for me in every way.
Though I do wonder if we’ll meet again?
Perhaps when there’s a change of a direction
Or a change in the wind.

And maybe the windchimes will shutter—
Or the earth could quake, but nothing will be the same.

Sitting on my boat on a stormy night
Entirely created by my doubtful fright:
Am I ok? What is my life?
Lacking the cultural cycles to hold me through the night

Now I don’t worry anymore
Something better’s being born.

Acceptance is just the way thing are
Nothing more nothing less just day that we’ve got.
Learning how precious life truly is
Takes a lot of practice not to take it for granted

I was raised in a good way my father is very kind.
My mother doesn’t feel well, a lot of the time.
Track Name: Old (Mother) West Wind
Remember the pact we made?
We’d be friends until the day
We become the rain again
We become the mist again

So I don’t have that heavy
Burden on my shoulders…

Ohh Ohh Ohh Ohh…
Ohh ohh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh

Old West winds
Wandering a 100 miles
What a way to begin
What a begin,
Doesn’t have to be an end
Though it is a breaking
Something like the quaking-
All around my feet,
Back to the earth again.
So let it in
Receiving is a way to love
Oh it hurts I know, my dove
To get those pairs of wings.

But you don’t have that heavy
Burden on your shoulders.

Oh oh oh
Track Name: When You're at the Ocean
So good to see you again my dear,
You’re standing in the door.
What a treat to see your hands, dear—
You look well, you know.

I have but a few things to say
Oh I thought I saw you the other day?

This is a tribute to the tarries of love.
Like a poem, with a witness, and tongues.

Oh I missed you again today,
Like most days of this winter felt so plainly
On the Northern breeze.
But I know something greater was felt
In our hearts when we decided
To take this space.

But the longing nonetheless is a parable for this
Kind of wanting what you can’t have.

So remember the eye spectacles
for the birds that you brought?
Or the way you assured me,
You were late to see your friend,
That it wasn’t personal at all?
Or the way that I watched your van
Disappear but I saw you turn around—
At the right second moment,
As the sun did set,
And our prayers went up in smoke.

So go on my darling, I too have things to do,
But the next time I see you will be sweet I’m sure.
And I could hold you in my mind,
Try to fix the truth but I know it just ain’t
The right thing to do.

But when you’re at the ocean,
Need I say more?
When you’re at the ocean (darling),
Need I say more?

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